Learning about love from my best friend <3

L.O.V.E. It means different things to different people, but I like to think that love is shown to you first by both your family and your best friends (you know who you are). Here are my ‘lessons in love’ or what I feel like they have taught me…
1. Love is tough. There is no love without pain. Real love is hard. It is no walk in the park, but looking through flaws and mistakes, and being brutally in how you feel, is how you’ll make it through.
2. Love is transparent. Looking past everything. Seeing their hearts, souls and dreams. Learning how it is better to express your feelings and be honest rather than bottle it up. Letting people in allows you to love. My best friend showed me all parts of their heart, and let me be who I truly am.
3. Love remains over time and distance. In love there are no barriers in terms of location and space. In real love, it will stay the same, the relationship won’t change. There are no questions of loyalty, no fear of their commitment or whether they’ll leave.
4. Love is fun. It brings a smile, a kind hug, laughter and warmth to your heart.
5. Love is consistent. A best friend shows you love is always there even if there are no physical actions. Time allows it to grow. One to depend on when everything feels like it’s falling apart. Your inner voice.
6. Love always waits. Always. Whether it be for you to get in the right frame of mind or to wait if you need time. They taught me that love is accepting who someone is- loving their uniqueness. Real love is patience.
7. Love is secure& selfless. Putting the one you love first. Being there when they need you. Being the one they can count on. Supporting them. Being a constant, regardless of your own turmoil. Allowing them to cry, but when the time comes giving them a hard to get back up. Give and take. Safe. Secure. Stable. Imperfect and perfect. Real life.
8. Love is a healer& a teacher. The hardest of pain can be mended by a hug or simple kind words from someone you care about. The best lessons come from the people who stood by your side through the good and the bad. My best friend lifted me in the darkest times when I thought the world was against me, and inspired me to carry on. I learnt not to let love break me, but to teach me to grow as a person- to make me a better person- to love myself.
9. Love is home.



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