Welsh Bucket List: Three Cliffs Bay

Another short post, but I am determined to keep you all up to date on this little welsh bucket list. Visiting the many beaches of the Gower and Swansea has always been on my bucket list since I arrived there for University. I actually did go there for fieldwork, but I thought it would be… Continue reading Welsh Bucket List: Three Cliffs Bay


National Trust Site: Baddesley Clinton

This is going to be a short post as I didn't really take many photos, but I just had to write about my recent visit. Whilst visiting my boyfriend this week, I had the pleasure of visiting Baddesley Clinton with his family. Baddesley Clinton is a manor house and gardens located in Warwick which originated… Continue reading National Trust Site: Baddesley Clinton


Uni Edition: Why the results don’t matter

3 years ago, I was in the same position, dreading getting the results back. I knew I had tried my hardest, but you always have those moments of doubt. I ended up getting BBC, of which I was very proud of myself. Unfortunately, it still meant I didn't get into Sheffield, my university of choice.… Continue reading Uni Edition: Why the results don’t matter