The Welsh Bucket List: Pen-y-fan

Living in Wales for 3 years, has meant that climbing Pen-y-fan has always been on my bucket list. Being the tallest peak in South Wales, standing at 886m above sea level, you can imagine it is quite daunting on the landscape. So on an early Thursday morning, we made the drive into the Brecon Beacons under the excuse of needing a break from revision and exams.

I am the first to admit I am not that fit (working on that one), but my little legs carried me up with no difficulty.

Boy was I right to have it on my bucket list. The views were truly breath-taking with lakes, castles and rolling hills surrounding me. In other words, the perfect place for a picnic. Out came the sandwiches, fruit and hummus (My fave, yum). After this, and the classic pictures taken by the National Heritage sign, the hike back down began. A much easier task may I add.
The day was ended with a lush bit of pub food (pie and chips- oh so English, I know).

It made me realise the true beauty of Wales, and even though I’ve been visiting there for 21 years, it is only now I realise that maybe I should try to explore more of the UK.


I’ll leave a link below with information on Pen-y-fan for if any of you would like to visit!




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