21..what I’ve learnt

I turned the big 2-1 in April, but it is only now I realise how much I learnt, especially through uni. Now there have been memories made and mistakes, good and bad, have happened. I thought I would share these with you lovely people.

*Do not overthink. It is usually not that complicated.
*Be you. Stop comparing yourself to everyone. There’s only 1 you.
*You define you. Not a relationship. Not another person.
*Always try your best.
*Success takes hard work. For most people it doesn’t just come.
*Please learn from your mistakes.
*Stop being a people pleaser- saying no is okay.
*Stand up for what you believe in, no matter what.
*Changing your mind is okay.
*Friends and family are always there. Someone always is. It is an important thing that everyone should remember.
*Your health is most important.
*No one, no one, knows what they are doing completely.
*You are worth it.
*Nights in can be so much better than nights out.
*There will always be people who don’t like you, whether they have a reason or not.
*Be different.
*The only person who can make you 100% happy is you.
*You definitely do not have to have your life planned.
*All is fair in love and war- accept the barriers and overcome them.
*Never waste an opportunity to say I love you. Say it as much as you want.
*Little things matter. One act can make or break someone’s day.
*Be brave. Even if you’re not, pretend.
*Don’t dwell on the past.
*You can never be completely in control.
*Money is important, but not everything.
*Never give up on anyone. Miracles can happen and everyone deserves a second chance.
*It is okay to care what others think, but most important is what you think.
*Don’t let anyone or anything get in the way of your dreams- gender, race, age. Nothing!
*A cuppa, a hug, and laughter is the best medicine.




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