Uni Edition: Things I learnt at uni…

It’s been a few weeks since graduating, and it’s been a whirlwind of travels, balls, festivals, and not working (YASS) has been great.

I have learnt a bloody lot over the last 3 years of my university life at Swansea, most probably not useful for my future life Haha.

Students don’t all fit the stereotype. I mean in terms of both eating and lifestyle. Some students unbelievably like to eat vegetables, me included, and some like to have a clean house and not live in a tip.

A night in is just as good. You learn this especially in second and third year. Ordering pizza and sitting in front of a film is just as good. Plus you don’t have to deal with the hangovers and save money.

Some people shouldn’t be allowed near social media after alcohol. The dreaded time of looking at your snapchat story after a night out or even worse having sent one and not knowing what it was. Many have been screenshotted. The fear of what was seen creeps in.

Every year of uni gets better. For me, second and third year was so much better. You may have more work, but you definitely have more fun. You learn who your friends are and you learn what you love.

Geography is more than you think. Uni delved further into aspects of geography than I thought possible.

Having a friend who works at Tesco is a lifesaver. The discount. Doing the food shop with my bestie definitely saved me pennies, alongside her encouraging me to eat healthier.

Healthy eating on a student budget can be done. I was determined to eat healthier after binge eating first and second year. Buying healthier things and bulk making meals actually didn’t cost me that much. I lost weight and ultimately felt better for doing so.

Use by dates don’t count. They don’t always apply, and some foods you can certainly eat after. Although you know there are limits, mould and a bad smell definitely screams do not eat.

It is impossible to spill rice in your kitchen without finding it for the rest of the year. It will be everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

Make sure you love the topic of your dissertation. You are going to spend a long time on this and if you don’t love the topic you will end up hating it all completely and won’t do your best. Luckily I was okay, but I know many that found the whole process painful.

Everything loses its interest after writing an essay. Unfortunately a problem every uni student finds. Don’t let it discourage you.

Swansea beaches are THE best. Living next to a beach all year was the best. Sunny days were definitely made the most out of.

Joe’s ice cream is lush. Well known in Swansea, this ice cream is amazing. Definitely a must try.

Never sit on the floor of a club, no matter how drunk. It is an unpleasant experience, no matter how much alcohol has been consumed (I’m looking at you Sin City).

Attend every event you can. You won’t regret it. Getting involved is honestly the best. Try new hobbies and new things.

Swansea uni has the best nightlife. Idols. Sin. Jack Murphys. I love ya.

Varsity is one of biggest events. It truly lives up to its name. Swansea vs. Cardiff. Rugby and every other sport, bringing the best rivalry between the two unis. Has to be attended. I loved it every year.

Living in the same city as your best friends is great. There is not a better thing. Living a few doors down from my besties was the greatest environment. No matter what, there were so many other houses to go too.

Good Luck to all of you at uni this year!



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