Uni Edition: Best clothes shops for students

Being a student for 3 years, and on a limited student budget, I have learnt where the best places are to shop for clothes cheaply. I know how heart-breaking it is when you see that top you must buy, but alas only have £2 left in your account. Now I know many of you may be thinking, ‘Oh, but if it’s so cheap it must be bad quality?’, but no my fellow readers, I have personally tried all of these places and personally like them all. I got your back, no worries!

Pretty Little Thing
One of my friends introduced me to this brand during their sale ,and I was hooked. I absolutely LOVE their dresses and have since ordered probably wayyyy too many. Their price range varies, but a good search can find you some bargains with tops under £10 and dresses under £15. Andddddd, they do student discount via myunidays (defo recommend signing up- it’s free!).

Boohoo always have sales on and regularly have free next day delivery, so taking a look is a must. They are similar to ASOS, but don’t have bigger names such as Nike. Their prices are scaled down making it very student friendly. I haven’t had any troubles with them, although I am always wary with sizing as it varies between companies.

Missguided is more expensive than some of these, but I’m covering all bases in case you wanna treat yourself. Although this is the case, they do actually offer 20% discount for students- always good! I recommend them especially for going ‘out out’ clothes.

Primark is always a hit or miss for people, and to be honest I’m the same with it. They have times when they do some lush things, but then you go in another day and there is nothing. They are super good for their tee range and have some cute dresses. I would say there is a quality compared to same brands, but for the price you can’t go wrong with Primani.

This brand is less well known amongst uni students and it is not based in the UK. I have bought a few things from here, mainly tops and skirts, and I would recommend them as they are super cute. My only warnings would be to be careful of sizing as it may differ due to country difference and to also take into account that shipping may take longer.

Always make the most of student discounts. Look into an NUS card and myunidays if you want to save a bit more cash.

Let me know if there are any other shops you recommend!



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