Welsh Bucket List: Three Cliffs Bay

Another short post, but I am determined to keep you all up to date on this little welsh bucket list.

Visiting the many beaches of the Gower and Swansea has always been on my bucket list since I arrived there for University. I actually did go there for fieldwork, but I thought it would be nice to go back in my own time to explore.

Armed with my trusty trainers and a football we drove the few miles to Three Cliffs Bay, and after my car stalling on a hill(poor Bertie)we finally made it. There the day was spent kicking the ball about on the long stretch of sandy beach and climbing up to the ruins of the castle.


The views look out across the coast are breathtaking and well worth the climb up the cliffs and sand dunes. It definitely does Wales justice and I highly recommend a visit if you are in the area. I have to say it is by far one of my favourite beaches in Swansea!



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