Uni Edition: Saving money

Whilst at university for those 3 years, I learnt that budgeting is key. So I’ve put together some money saving tips that I lived by.

* Don’t be afraid to buy supermarket brands– I know it can be hard not to stick by the brands you’re used to at home, I was exactly the same. Trust me though, they don’t actually taste that different and saving those few little pennies go a long way.

*Plan your meals- Planning ahead with your meals is so useful. You can budget accordingly for your food shop and in turn you’ll probably find that you eat a lot healthier.

*Shop at markets- Swansea has a fab market where you can buy fresh produce (they also sell the best welsh cakes, yum!). Usually this is a cheaper option than the supermarket as you can buy them individually rather than in bigger packets.

*Embrace freezing things- Making meals ahead goes alongside the meal planning. Freezing means you can just unfreeze and eat it, which is very handy if you’re in a rush or can’t be bothered to cook. Bigger meals like spaghetti Bolognese and lasagne are so easy to cook in bigger portions and are easy to freeze.

*Cook from scratch- Believe it or not, all those sauces in a jar add up, and they can be hand-made so much cheaper.

*Drink tap water- It’s free and it’s good for you.

*If you wanna eat out, look for vouchers- It’s good to sometimes treat yourself and eat out, especially after the stress of uni. If you are going to look on voucher sites, or even the restaurant site itself as they sometimes offer money off for email subscribers.

*Use student discounts- I cannot emphasise this enough. So many shops offer them, even Topshop, so make sure you make the most of being a student and sign up to myunidays.

*Get a rail card or coach card- They are so useful, whether it be that well needed trip home with all your washing or a day out with your new found friends, you will save so much money.

*Don’t buy all the reading list books- Trust me, you will neverrrrrrr use them!

*Layer up- Take blankets and jumpers. Heating should be seen as a luxury and you’ll save a lot of money which is always good when bills aren’t included.

*Walk everywhere- It’s free, and you will find a lot of universities are near everything you need. Plus it is good exercise.

*Make your own lunch- It is expensive buying lunch in the uni everyday. Instead make yourself lunch at home and take it with you. Even better if you’ve done a big meal the night before.

*Carry a water bottle- This links to the drinking water, but having your own water bottle saves you buying all those plastic water bottles.

Hope these help you all save a little bit of money! Good Luck!



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