Uni Edition: Dear Freshers

Dear all you freshers,

I write to you from the eyes of an oh so wiser recent graduate. I’m here to tell you to make the most of your first year! Do not waste it!

You’ll get it from everyone, that you are moving into an environment in which the work load will be a lot harder than any you have faced. Honestly, it does, but nothing that you cannot manage. I never faced the crying into my colouring pencils and beautifully organised folder until second year haha!

Adjusting is the main part to starting uni, and the attempt to fit in with this new found lifestyle as everyone around you, even yourself, will revel in this new found freedom. Enjoy freshers week, it will only come once to you, although you may have to face the dreaded freshers flu (my poor tonsils). Go to every event you can, grab all the free stuff, make new friends. To be honest, I actually wanted to do kinda well first year so I didn’t die of shock when the workload stepped up in second year, but that said I rarely worked past 9. Not that I was going crazy with alcohol, but so pizza night and catching up on TV could happen (PLL, Gossip girl, GOT).

The point of this message is not to tell you to do work, but instead to make the most of first year whilst you have the free time. Yes, the work is important in my eyes (although you do only have to get 40%), but join clubs, get involved and try out new things. You never know what opportunities they may bring you. There is honestly sooo much going on at uni, even stuff you will have never heard of! Don’t let it be your regret.

Go forth and enjoy your first year freshers! Good Luck!



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